The role of IAP Worldwide in military and humanitarian missions

Allot of things are required when a military or rescue mission is being planned. AIP Worldwide Services is a company that is on the front line in providing supplies to these groups while they are on their duties. The company has served in logistics, technical expertise services, and facility maintenance for more than 60 years.

The reputation of this organization in providing tailor made supplies that meet customer expectations has made it grow regarding market coverage. The markets served by this company are more than 25 countries making it a global leader.

The company started as a supplier of products and equipment to the US Army while operating in Saudi Arabia. That was 60 years back, and it has continued to grow over time.

The military found AIP Worldwide Services as a right partner and entered into a partnership in making most of their supplies. Many government contracts on military expenditure are assigned to this firm which is very reliable. Other security organizations also benefit from the services offered.

The heights AIP Worldwide Services has reached in the logistics market has a lot to do with their human resource and hiring practices.

All the ideas, skills and talents are combined to find workable solutions to problems that seem impossible. As a result, nearly all challenges have been resolved when their team is called for action leaving customers desires fulfilled.

The company has diversified its services by being on the front line to assist during disasters or emergencies. The humanitarian organizations depend on this company to provide transport vehicles to the affected locations. Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: and

They set up emergency power generators which make many activities be done successfully. During the whole mission from start to end, the supplies are delivered with consistency.

The need to improve services and cover a large market has brought about the acquisition of two companies by IAP Worldwide. The two units from DRS Technologies Inc. deal with different services. Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS) offers telecommunication engineering services.

Aviation and Logistics Business provides aircraft repairs and maintenance, logistics, and mission support services. The two units are projected to improve the services offered in the increasingly global markets. AIP Worldwide will incorporate its roles and experts in these firms to make their services the best in the market.

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Dick DeVos: Prosperity and Generosity

I believe in generosity. I also believe that it is not what you have, but what you do with what you have. Dick DeVos is someone that has done a lot with what he has. He didn’t just gain a lot of wealth. He has also used it in order to benefit others. Therefore, people have a lot to learn from with the example of the DeVos family. They are always getting involved with new projects. A lot of these projects involve bringing improvements to the communities of Michigan. The DeVos family not only works towards giving, they also think about educating people and showing them how they can gain a lot of wealth.

Dick’s father has started Amway Corporation, a company that specializes in selling household goods. Dick himself began working for the company in 1974. He has held various positions in the company which included vice president. He has overseen the operations of the company in 18 countries. New markets were opened under his influence and leadership. He has brought the company to new levels of success. Dick DeVos has shown that he has a lot of business and marketing skills that is needed to provide the customers with what they want.

One of the most significant achievements in his life was owning the Orlando Magic franchise. Being the owner of the franchise has given him influence over the merchandising and marketing of the company.

Visit the website of New Netherland Institute to learn more about Dick DeVos.

There have been plenty of other achievements of Dick DeVos. He has gotten involved in many different industries which included government and politics. He has also been involved in different charitable activities. Dick DeVos continues to work on the next goal.

Brian Bonar the Genius Behind Bellamy’s

In the heart of Escondido, California, is a gem of a restaurant that foodies will believe is on par with the Hope Diamond. Opening in November 2012, Bellamy’s is still wowing its clientele with an outstanding mix of old world and nouveau cuisine. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Bellamy’s is the brainchild of Scottish entrepreneur Brian Bonan. He is a rather unlikely restaurateur as Bonan’s background is in the field of technology. He possesses degrees in Technical and Mechanical Engineering as well as his Ph.D.

Bonan’s storied career began at IBM, he went on to secure employment in various technology-based companies, and eventually, Bonan founded his own company, Bezien Systems. It was Bezien Systems, which eventually launched the first printer with SCSI connections.

Brian Bonar has a great ability to assess people’s needs as well as their skills. This trait served him well when Bonar transitioned away from technology and into the restaurant business.

When opening Bellamy’s, Brian Bonar set out to create an upscale restaurant that stands out from the collection of tacky and touristy restaurants quickly becoming the norm in the area.

He felt a restaurant, which catered to the loyal repeat customers, could make its mark in Escondido. Read more: The New Frontier

A key to Bonan’s success with Bellamy’s is Master Chef Patrick Ponsay. Chef Ponsay, a native of Toulouse, France, brought a strong resume and a creative genius to Bellamy’s. He is passionate about using local sources and is a proponent of Farm to Table Cuisine.

Of course, a few French delicacies make their way onto Ponsay’s menu. The Chef describes the style of Bellamy’s as a contemporary and progressive combination of French and Californian cuisine.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Brian Bonar is transforming the local Brady Canyon Ranch into what he hopes to be a dining destination, similar to the gîtes of France or the Napa Valley.

Success seems very likely for this dynamic duo, who have already created restaurant perfection at Bellamy’s.

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Sanjay Shah’s Life Story and Autism Rocks

If there is someone whose story is inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time, it is Sanjay Shah’s. Sanjay is the founder and the reputed CEO of Solo Capital. Solo Capital is a company which provides their clientele with financial services. They also provide advisory services and they operate internationally. They have branches of their company in cities such as London. They also have their company in the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Malta and even in Dubai.


Solo Capital has not always been a very big company, It started small. In fact, the story of Solo Capital is traced back to that of its founder. Sanjay was not always a business enthusiast from the start. Actually, he was in medical school, studying to be a doctor. This was until he discovered that he needed to quit medical school and pursue his passion which was accounting. He changed courses and did accounting for several years. When he completed his course, he got a job in a bank. He worked in several other banks in the United Kingdom before he lost his job. Sanjay became redundant thanks to the 2009 global financial crisis which took the world unawares.


The odds were against Sanjay Shah but he did not sit and wallow in his loss. Instead, he thought of ways to still be in the business industry. He thought of coming up with a brokerage company. The brokerage company was called Solo Capital. The company grew over the years and is what it is at the moment.


When Sanjay talks about his life and what he has gone through to reach the heights he has, it is an inspirational story. Years after his son was born, for example, he was found to be autistic.  However, he figured out that not every family has these capabilities. He therefore decided to help them by forming a charity association called Autism Rocks. It contributes money to research and helping families with autistic children like his own.

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