Philanthropist and Futurist Jason Hope

There are several millionaires out there with a futuristic vision and a love for new technologies. They have invested heavily in tech, and they are now reaping the rewards as we become an increasingly connected and technophilic world. While some of these investors are investing in their own futures, there are others that are investing in the futures of mankind. People like Jason Hope are taking their ability to tell what is going to win in the future and turn it around to help those that really need it. Jason Hope is a true philanthropist. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

In 2010, Hope started his road to philanthropy when he donated a half-million dollars to the SENS Foundation. This foundation is focused on finding ways to create longer and happier lives in millions of people all over the world. They use science and new technologies to research anti-aging remedies and cures for diseases that age the body and mind beyond repair. For this reason, Hope wanted to support and invest in the foundation. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Since 2010, Hope has donated over $1 million to the SENS Foundation. He especially likes that the foundation is taking a scientific approach to attacking aging. Rather than simply trying to find a way for people to live forever, they are actively attempting to attack diseases that are preventable. Their goals are much more attainable than several other companies that are attempting to find the proverbial fountain of youth through the use of potions and elixirs. SENS is actually using emerging technologies and innovative ideas to find ways to stop things like Alzheimer’s from ever affecting another person again. That is why Jason Hope, a futurist and lover of technology himself, is so willing to donate his money to this cause. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

Jason Hope has always been interested in new and emerging technologies. Ever since his graduation from Arizona State University, Hope has attempted to learn everything and anything about innovative technologies and trends in the industry. He started a mobile communications company at an early age and has been an avid investor in new startup companies. He has even started a grant program for new investors that have a good idea but not enough capital to get it off the ground. Jason Hope: The Entrepreneur from Arizona

SENS is not the only recipient of donations from Jason Hope. Several other foundations and organizations, such as the Boys & Girls Club, Family Health International, T Gen Foundation, the Arizona Science Center, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society have received generous donations from this philanthropist. As long as Jason Hope is a futurist, we can all agree that we have something to look forward to. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

Felipe Montoro Jens, An Insight Into Public-Private Partnerships Concessions

Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist in infrastructure projects within the country, provides valuable insights into the sub-concessions with PPPs. He stated that various northeaster districts are considering transferring of holdings to private schemes through the means of concessions. This step was taken in an attempt to prevent the restriction of federal transfers and limitations of fiscal accounts from coming in the way of the growth of the country.

An instance provided by Felipe Montoro Jens was of the Bahian Government’s VLT project that covers nearly 19 miles and 21 stops along this stretch. This project can help over 1.5 million people as it will replace the train station that is built in that area as of now.

Piauí and its government have over 24 projects that include PPPs, and the government recently discussed these projects with the Superintendent of PPI. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, when the state’s most significant concessions are partnered with a sanitation firm, this will positively impact the sewage network in the capital. The partnership will, in turn, increase the coverage in Teresina from a mere 24% to a whopping 80%. Piauí will also be launching a new PPP that will directly affect the quality of internet speed through the first internet connections in the district.

Similarly, the government of Maranhão might soon be building a PPP for the building of 4 inmate holding facilities that could result in space being made for thousands of inmates. In Pernambucana, if COMPESA the most significant sanitation company joins this program of the BNDES banking and social development, then Felipe Montoro Jens believes that this could encourage the involvement of private capital in the health and sanitation sector. If PPP is implemented then, Pernambucana might also be considered in increasing the effectiveness of both the manufacturing and distributing network in the city.

End Citizens United Endorses Conor Lamb in the 18th Congressional District of Pennsylvania

The special election scheduled in the 18th Congressional District of Pennsylvania reportedly upsetting the Republican camp. Though the Republicans have an edge in the election, the district that gave a landslide majority to Donald Trump is not a highly promising land for them considering the latest developments. The young and energetic face of Conor Lamb, the Democratic candidate in the district, is giving a welcoming feel for a large number of independent voters. As the Republican candidate, Rick Saccone has got the support of many Super PACs from GOP side, and he is not expected to face any scarcity of financial resources in the election.

On the other hand, Lamb has got the support of End Citizens United, the leading PAC in the country which is fighting against Big Money. While big money is giving special advantages to Saccone, Lamb declared that he would not accept any funds from PACs that are backed and funded by the corporates. Tiffany Muller, the renowned political activist and President of ECU, confirmed that Lamb is contesting for Congress to fight for the families of Pennsylvania who are neglected by Washington’s rigged system. The grassroots members of ECU are eagerly waiting to fight against the shady money groups who are trying to buy the race.

Interestingly, End Citizens United was the first major PAC that decided to endorse Conor Lamb in the election. The support of the PAC is expected to greatly enhance the chances of Lamb considering its millions of grassroots level volunteers with a national network and dedicated small-dollar contributors. While thanking the support of ECU, Lamb said that a large majority of people are aware of the fact that the system is not working, and the campaign finance system is one of the major reasons behind it. At the same time, the reports are confirming that the heavyweight supporters of Saccone are pumping money for his campaigns.

45Committee, a group backing conservatives, initiated an ad campaign costing $500,000 that plotted Lamb as someone who is opposing the Republican tax-cut bill. While coming to Lamb side, ECU did not disclose how much the PAC is planning to spend for the liberal candidate. Interestingly, the PAC spent $600,000 for taking Doug Jones to Senate from Alabama last year. However, Adam Bozzi, the spokesman of ECU, confirmed that the grassroots of the PAC are highly energized, and it does not expect a difference in 2018 compared to 2017.

End Citizens United was established as a rebellion against the Big Money in politics by liberal political activists and independent voters in 2015. The PAC wants to unrig the system by passing legislation to curb the uncontrolled money flow into the politics. For that purpose, it aims to elect maximum pro-reform champions to the Senate and Congress to make the legislation a reality.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Managing Bradesco Bank

Bradesco Bank, established in 1943, is one of the largest banks in Brazil. The financial institution was founded in the city of Marilla, but they had to move out and transfer to the city of Sao Paolo because of better opportunities found in the town. They have been enjoying the distinction of being the leading bank in the country for so many decades, but it halted after the merging of Banco Itau and Unibanco. Today, Bradesco Bank has more than 5,000 branches worldwide, offering different services that help entrepreneurs and private citizens alike.

Recently, Bradesco Bank named Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as their chief executive officer, and the board of directors voted for the Marilla native because they believe that he can restore the company back to its state when it was still the leading financial institution in the country.

Read more: Bradesco to choose board member as new president, says Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, being born in the city of Marilla, saw how Bradesco Bank managed to transform from a small bank to a competitive financial institution which has supported so many industries owned by Brazilians for decades. One of the reasons why they tremendously grew in such a short period is because they are emphasizing excellent customer service. They are doing everything that they can to satisfy what their customers wanted, and Bradesco Bank is very good in doing business with their customers and clients. Their services can be compared to some of the leading banks around the globe, and the world-class treatment that they provide to everyone who is using their services should also be highlighted. Bradesco Bank aimed to teach Brazilians on how to manage their finances, and as a result, Bradesco Bank became the first financial institution in the country which allowed children and teenagers to open their bank accounts. They knew that teaching the children how to save money at a very young age would help them manage their finances in the future. Bradesco Bank developed a customer-centric approach in their business, and the people of Brazil admired the company for doing something that would satisfy their needs. Bradesco Bank was voted as one of the most reliable institutions in the country, and they managed to transform the financial industry in Brazil. However, the merging of Banco Itau and Unibanco resulted to Bradesco Bank’s fallback, and from being in the first place, they went down to the third spot. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is tasked to bring back the company to its former state, and he said that he would do everything that he can to return Bradesco Bank to the top.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi grew up in the city of Marilla, and after witnessing how Bradesco Bank is treating its customers nicely, he dreamed of working for the company someday. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters and the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics, and he received a degree in Socio-Psychology after he graduated from the said university. When he turned 17 years old, he decided to try out his luck and applied for a job at Bradesco. He was hired, and he was given the task to become one of the bank’s clerks. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would be working for the company for the next 40 years, and he has been promoted several times until he was chosen to become the CEO.

One of the recent moves from Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the billion-dollar purchase of HSBC Brazil, and after the deal was signed, the stock prices of Bradesco Bank went up. It is a clear manifestation that his decision is affecting the company positively, and many are hoping that he succeeds in his mission.

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Barbara Stokes — The Hurricane Relief Homes

Barbara Stokes is an American entrepreneur. She is developing an organization on the way to assist with storm rebuilding efforts. The devastation that has been introduced due to the worst storm season in modern times will not soon be forgotten. The name of the company is Green Structure Homes. They’ve allied with FEMA and advanced their very own system of precise safety protocols to shield the occupants of homes. The 2017 season of hurricanes had a huge impact on the lives of American citizens everywhere. It turned into a year wrought with devastation. The Yellowhammer state was struck so hard that many were left in motels and campsites. Each hurricane – Nate and Irma – was relentless in their devastation; they did not permit anyone to escape the path of destruction being carved out. In Alabama, homes have been broken and people had been placed in a great deal of hazard; however, they had been lucky enough to survive the entire storm. The worst results had been avoided. Follow Barbara Stokes on

More than two hundred thousand human beings fled Florida to seek out refuge in Alabama. Many communities in Texas and Puerto Rico suffered predominant damages and faced considerable losses due to the storms. The communities came together and assisted one another in their most neighborly manner possible. People donated materials, raised money, and gave to shelters.


Inside the months following the tremendous storms, Alabama has granted an employer a few useful contracts with FEMA. The Federal Emergency Management Agency provided Barbara Stokes and GSH a settlement of $28 million and they started constructing hurricane resistant houses in October. Production of the updated houses is slated to be whole by the date of March 2018. Barbara Stokes is a veteran of receiving federal offers and she has promised to use the cash to its full cost. She will construct nice houses for storm survivors and create a better life for those families in want.

Right now after signing the FEMA contract, GSH made another statement that they would be hiring additional people. The manpower might speed up the construction and increase the economy. The employees could be constructing homes at some point of the Southern states of the USA. GSH is doing an upstanding job as citizens by setting the sufferers of hurricanes up with better houses. Barbara Stokes is supplying an essential resource for the USA and when a catastrophe strikes again we can be ready. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Lime Crime Joins Revolve For Perfect E-Commerce Beauty Launch In China

The beauty industry in China has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, and women there love trying new cosmetics. Chinese consumers are attracted to international brands because they believe these labels symbolize high-quality and high economic/social status.

Lime Crime makeup is one of the hot, trendy cosmetics companies from the United States that has now recently launched their brand in China, according to a business report by WARC. Doe Deere is the company’s CEO and founder, and her makeup features modern beauty with brightly colored lipstick and eyeshadow palettes. The brand has also recently debuted luscious rainbow shades of hair tints. The makeup also offers elegant glitter, iridescence and out-of-the-ordinary textures and pigments that young women have found appealing around the world.

Bringing her fantastical makeup to Chinese e-commerce was not the easiest business venture to achieve, says Kim Walls, the Global Manager for the beauty brand. There were all kinds of international challenges the company had to iron out like currency conversion, language barriers, logistics, duties and taxes.

For example, under Chinese market standards, selling wholesale cosmetics involves animal testing, and that is something LimeCrime stands strongly against. The makeup label is vegan and cruelty-free. By shipping directly from the United States, this cross-border trade issue could be avoided.

Lime Crime also chose a unique partnership with popular e-commerce fashion brand Revolve to engage the sophisticated beauty interests of Chinese women, and it appears to be a match made in the divine. Revolve is trusted by cautious Chinese consumers.

Los Angeles-based Revolve has been an excellent promoter of Doe Deere’s makeup line and puts the legitimacy factor into the beauty business because the products can on be purchased through Revolve’s e-commerce business. That puts a halt to the counterfeiters out there who try and capitalize on some other label’s hard work and talents.

For instance, last year, more than one million of their sexy lip topper products were sold through marketplaces in China, and each one was a fake.

By partnering up with Revolve, those kinds of problems can be avoided.

Customer Reviews Drive The Rise Of Fabletics

The Fabletics brand has recently been at the heart of the major challenge to the dominance of Amazon and is using many of the techniques developed by the Online retail giant to create a better way of using customer reviews to increase sales. Fabletics is obviously doing something right as the brand has seen a 200 percent increase in sales to give it revenues of $250 million by the end of 2017; one of the major ways Fabletics has been growing its customer base is through the continued use of customer reviews to develop the position of the brand on search engine rankings and as a way of building its membership which already stands at over one million.


Studies have shown the importance of customer reviews to the position of a brand in the battle to compete with Amazon as the dominant factor within the Online retail sector. Fabletics has dedicated a large amount of its time and funding to make sure it has a dedicated customer service department willing to respond to all the issues and points raised by customers Online as the reputation of the brand relies on each individual member believing their personal needs are being addressed.


The development of the Fabletics brand has come at a time when the development of Online communities is becoming an important part of every aspect of life, including shopping. Fabletics customers are among the most active on social media platforms and across the Internet as they seek new ways of making sure their view of the brand is well-known. In the battle to become established in the Online retail industry, it is important to take on board the concerns of customers who are seen as the most important aspect of any company; a recent study stated 60 percent of consistent Internet users would not deal with a brand which had a negative ranking Online.


The choice of the correct brand ambassador can also play a major role in the development of a company like Fabletics which has seen Kate Hudson become one of its key marketing strategies since she joined the brand as a founding partner. Despite seeing herself as an actress, Kate Hudson has thrown herself into the Fabletics company and played a role in developing the social media strategy of the company which often revolves around her own image as one of the most approachable and grounded celebrities in Hollywood.

Dr. Mark McKenna is an Medical Aesthetics Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor, entrepreneur, and business owner. He is from New Orleans and graduated from Tulane University with a degree in medicine. He demonstrated his strong mind for business by founding a real estate firm called McKenna Venture Investments. The business grew until it had over fifty properties with it specializing in custom build and financing options.

Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta Georgia where he founded ShapeMed. This was an aesthetics medical office. Dr. Mark McKenna sold the business in 2014. He then learned more about the medical industry so he could found OVME in 2017. This is another aesthetics focused medical practice. However, the business is unique in that it combines both a consumer-facing business model with a focus on new technology. This is very unique combination of attributes as the aesthetics medical industry needs to provide patients with results that are as visually pleasing as possible. The consumer-facing side of the business means that medical practitioners are trained to speak to patients in a conversational manner. This means that they can determine what patients want before doctors then speak to them specifically about the procedure and expected results. The technology focused side of the business allows for doctors to show patients what results they can expect. In addition, the technology means OVME can utilize new procedures that offer more effective results. These new technologies can speed up recovery time, reduce scaring, and reduce the overall risks of a procedure.

Dr. Mark McKenna credits his family and habits as the secret to his success. He attended medical school with his father, and he is currently married with a child. He has a personal routine where he has breakfast with his son every morning before going to work. Dr. Mark McKenna then goes to jujitsu class every work night. This keeps his mind clear and allows for him to be physically fit enough to handle long work days. Dr. Mark McKenna then works on his various business pursuits at night. McKenna strongly credits a voracious reading habit and setting realistic long term goals as the secret to his success and happiness.


Philanthropist Tony Petrello and his charitable missions

Anthony Petrello is one of the best philanthropists the country have ever seen. He has been part of the corporate executives in the United States who have decided to his position to influence the lives of the people. He has been very vocal in matters that affect the people of Texas and the country in general. Anthony Petrello has worked closely with professionals in the healthcare department for the construction of the first and the biggest medical facility in the country that would deal with the treatment of neurological diseases. Anthony Petrello is a committed leader who has made sure that his role in the society is to change the society for the better. He has made it possible for the country to enjoy great medical care.

Anthony Petrello philanthropy towards medical treatment of neurological diseases is something that he had to learn the hard way. As a passionate person towards initiatives that he believes in, Anthony Petrello has made sure that he supports initiatives that are meant to make the world a better place. He has been a committed member of the society who leaves nothing to chance when it comes to taking care of matter that holds close to his heart. Neurological disorder support is on them. This is an initiative that he ready to support by all means possible.

Anthony Petrello as a dedicated servant of the people has made sure that he uses the wealth that he has accrued from the business sector to support initiatives that matter to the people. The neurological center in Texas is the best initiative that he has ever come up with. He has spent millions in support of this facility. He wants the facility to develop a solution to neurological disorders that affect children. Anthony has been affected by the problems that have been brought by lack of research in this medical field. His daughter is one of the people who has suffered a lot due to lack of a solution to this medical problem. She has been paralyzed all her life. Anthony Petrello has been part of a team that is dedicated to the mission of finding a long lasting solution to this problem. The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello has contributed $5 million that is to be spent supporting this initiative. The money is to be used to pay the best surgeons and doctor as they conduct research. Anthony Petrello is determined to see his daughter live a stable life just like any other child. Anthony Petrello has not stopped there. He has proceeded to attend conferences that are sensitizing people on the advantages of supporting this initiative. Tony Petrello Helps to Launch the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital

Canadian Craft Beer Veteran Eli Gerschkovitch: Steamworks Brewery Brewmaster And CEO

Canadians love their beer and Canadian craft beers are a big hit all over the world. Craft beers produced in Canada consistently impress judges and win top prizes in competitions all over the globe. And the market for Canadian craft beer continues to grow as the people clamoring for Canadian craft beer now includes more women, young people and white-collar workers. Plus, many feel that millennials are ushering in what’s being called the Golden Age of Canadian craft beer as they eschew mass-market beer and embrace the flavorful beer produced by microbreweries all over Canada. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Affiliate Dork.

Eli Gershkovitch is a veteran when it comes to producing Canadian craft beer. He has been involved in the industry for over 20 years. He started his Steamworks Brewery to create unique, flavorful craft beers for his tiny Gastown, Vancouver beerpub. Today, the craft beers produced by Eli Gerschkovitch and Steamworks Brewery have fans throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

An experienced practicing attorney, for Eli Gerschkovitch working as brewmaster and CEO of Steamworks Brewery is a labor of love. His budding craft beer empire gives him the freedom to live life on his own terms. For Eli Gershkovitch that has meant becoming a pilot and adding more outstanding vehicles to his collection of classic cars. At the same time, the amazing craft beers produced by Steamworks Brewery and the brewpub, bars and restaurants where those craft beers are sold have become a staple of Vancouver culture for tourists as well as local beer drinkers. Learn more about Eli at

One secret to the success Eli Gerschkovitch has enjoyed is sticking to his pledge to only increase production to meet the demand of his customers. And even as demand for Steamworks craft beer has enjoyed explosive growth, Eli Gerschkovitch has remained as humble and unassuming as ever. Locals embrace Eli Gerschkovitch as a working-class hero. He has turned producing the craft beer they all love into a very successful enterprise, but doesn’t strut around like some out-of-touch Fortune 500 CEO. Eli Gerschkovitch still carries himself like the same simple, straightforward man they have known and loved all his life.