Why You can Be Sure That Fortress Investment Group Will Not Die Soon

Since its start in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has had a steady growth. You will expect that to continue for several years to come. There are several reasons why that is possible. For many people however, the question is not whether this private equity firm that is based in New York will continue to shine or not. Their concern is who is behind the success of FIG. In 2007, nine years after Randal Nardone started this firm, it announced that it will feature in the New York Stock Exchange. That is exactly what Fortress Investment Group did. Although people had known this company for close to ten years, this initial public offering made the company famous. It has never looked back since then.

Today, more than two decades since Randal started this firm, hundreds of people depend on it.First, it is the 1,750 investors who have put their assets in the firm. These people are sure that no matter what, they will get back the real value of their different investment when due time comes. In a 2018 report, Fortress Investment Group said that it is controlling over $43 billion worth of investors’ assets that take up different forms. These different forms include hedge funds, permanent capital vehicles, and private equity. Thanks to a proper investment module, FIG is able to ensure investors that whatever they have placed in the company’s custody is in good care. Besides, Fortress Investment Group have an employee capacity of 900 people.

According to CEO Randal Nardone, the firm’s performance can be attributed to three main things namely the tight investment module that the firm applies. The second thing according to the firm’s founder is that although there are many departments and sectors, FIG has centered on 5 broad areas. This has helped the top management to focus on the main performance of the firm. The third most influential thing is the executive. Randal says that his other two principals have proved competent all the years. The other two are Wes Edens and Peter Briger. “These are the face of Fortress Investment Group,” says Nardone.

Jim Toner: A Self-Made Millionaire

Jim Toner, a successful real estate investor, has the perfect rags to riches background. Real estate investing is his forte, but he’ll tell you that he’s definitely not a guru of the subject. There are a lot of hopes that goes unanswered, especially when conducting business. Real estate investing is no difference and you’ll need to learn as much as possible before enduring on this journey. Toner has been in the game for over 25 years, but he’s certainly experienced his fare share of pitfalls along the way. He does a great job of helping other like-minded individuals who are seeking financial freedom.

Real estate investing is very profitable, and it brings in billions on an annual basis. To be perfectly honest, this specific industry is very cutthroat and you can lose a ton of money. “Nothing makes me happier than to be able to put an extra $20,000 in someone’s pocket,” Jim Toner said. This extraordinary man participates in a wide variety of subjects such as being a speaker, a radio show host and an author. Toner also has a successful books that can be used if you’re enthusiastic about real estate investing. “The Consumers Guide To Investment Real Estate” gives you the raw truth about this field of work. This particular book will help aspiring investors, especially when it comes to navigating the field by showing consumers what to lookout for. “The Consumers Guide To Real Estate Investing” provides the fundamentals, and it offers real stories.

For the next five years, Toner is looking to purchase at least 500 homes. Real estate is big business right about now in Ohio and this man is definitely getting in on the action. Over the past few years, Toner has done 200 deals in Akron, Ohio. As you can see, entrepreneur Jim Toner is a man that’s on a mission, but only time will tell what’s in store for the near future. Get more tips from Jim by following him on Facebook.

Visit this site: score.org/mentors/jim-toner

Bruno Fagali: The Sort-After Brazilian Corporate Lawyer

Bruno Fagali, a fast-rising Brazilian attorney, is a fresh graduate from law school, who does his best to keep companies honest. This young litigator, who majors in compliance and administrative law, is known for advocating on matters of corporate law. In his law practice, he has been seen to take on corporate cases that foster corruption by laundering public assets.

Fagali enrolled at Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2009. From 2010 to 2012, he focused on obtaining specialization in Administrative law. Later in 2015, he moved to the University of Sao Paulo for a Master’s Degree in State Law in 2017. While studying, he also took internships at various institutions: Model Dom of Paulo Evaristo Arms office.

Fagali also volunteered at Getulio Vergas Foundation to put into practice his already amassed skills and knowledge. While at Redi, Calil and Associates law firm, he practiced litigation and public law. He then joined Nova/SB as the Corporate Integrity Manager responsible for designing, implementation, and management of the advertising agency’s compliance.

Fagali is focused on taking career a notch higher. He started his business, Fagali Advocacy, one among the leading Brazilian law firms, in 2016. This firm specializes in anti-corruption law, compliance law, public law, and elections law. Bruno and his colleagues who work in this firm pool towards the same direction as their main aim is providing vivid and concise information to clients who need corporate law advice. Led by Bruno, the firm recently accepted a project in which they are to create the corporate Integrity Program, thereby submitting the proposal to the Ministry of Transparency Supervision Control Council.

Whereas the law industry is seen as a competitive one where thriving to the top is no easy task, Bruno has changed the narrative thanks to his excellent services and reputation. Consequently, he has successfully developed a circle of friend and fellow attorneys whom he has worked within the recent past. His effect on corporate law is felt all over Brazil, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro.

For More info: www.revistafatorbrasil.com.br/ver_noticia.php?not=320250

OSI Group: A Century of Dominance in Global Foodservices

OSI Group, a global foodservice provider, has been in the game for over 100 years, and it has definitely made a huge impact. This particular company started out as being a local butcher shop. The shop was located in Oak Park, Illinois, and it was founded by Otto Kolschowski. Kolschowki was from Germany, and he immigrated to the US at the start of the 20th century. Thousands and thousands of Germans participated in coming to America during this period of time. Chicago was one of the main locations for setting-up shop. The small butcher shop began to make a name for itself quite easily because it offered high-quality meats. As word of mouth began to spread, the family-owned business saw a dramatic increase in sells.

As the decades past, this butcher shop announced that it would be officially known as Otto & Sons. On top of publicizing its new name, the company would begin to associate itself as a food wholesaler. Business was booming by the end of World War I. The year was now 1928 and Otto & Sons relocated to Maywood, Illinois. By providing the region with top-of-the-line food products, the business became a local fixture in American society. The 1950s brought some extravagant changes thanks to a famous hamburger chain. Otto & Sons partnered with McDonald’s by providing fresh beef to this up-and-coming restaurant. Ray Kroc, former-CEO of McDonald’s, shok hands with Arthur and Harry Kolschowski. After the deal was made, the rest was history. OSI Group would go on to work with numerous popular brands, including KFC, Burger King, Yum, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and many more.

OSI Group has been known by numerous titles, including OSI Industries. This mega- company has more than 20,000 employees on its payroll. This makes OSI Group one of the largest private companies in America. In addition to that, the company is worth more than $6 billion.

Ian King Looks at Ways Bonds Offer Stability to Investors Portfolio

Why Invest in Bonds?

Bonds are becoming more popular today, according to Ian King, contributing author at Banyan Hill Publishing. With a recent expected basis point increase, bonds are challenging the stock market as it is today. The Federal Reserve is supposed to meet in June. The outcome may affect rate increase.

For investors who want to avoid the volatility of the market finds a safer shelter in the bond market. Why? The Fed has an almost predictable increase pattern, whereas the stock market continues to be volatile and less predictable.

Ian has experience in the bond market when he spent time working with credit derivatives with Citigroup. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

Do Bond Rates Rise?

Bonds have shown a consistent rise over the past year. Two-year, Five-year, and Ten-Year notes have increased, but it reaches a plateau after 10 years. Investors, when they consider not being able to get a better return on their investment in another market (TINA), will consider holding on to their investment. This basically means investors are always looking for better alternatives, but when the market shows them none they are forced to either hold onto their investment or cash in. TINA (there is no alternative) occurs when an investor has the hope despite not having a better alternative for his investment. If enough investors have the same mindset then the market will gradually begin to move upwards.

Check: https://medium.com/@iankingguru

Ian King

Ian King has twenty years of experience in analyzing and trading in the financial markets. His knowledge and insights into cryptocurrencies often put him in the headlines of Investopedia, Fox Business News, and Zero Hedge and Seeking Alpha.

Ian began his career in the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers’; later he worked in credit derivatives with Citigroup. After ten years begin head trader at Peahi Capital he got an opportunity to work with Banyan Hill Publishing who was seeking someone to head their Cryptocurrency efforts for their investors.

Banyan Hill Publishing and Crypto Profit Trader

Since 2017 Ian King has been the senior analyst for Crypto Profit Trader, which is Banyan Hill investors to get a first-hand review of the cryptocurrency markets with the guidance of Ian King at the helm. The first concern of the Crypto Profit trader is to allow investors to enter the market where there is an easy entrance while learning techniques to store and retain investor digital coins. Read more at Release Fact.

Upwork: Why You Should Delete Unimportant Tasks From Your To-Do List

Everyone has different ways they go about getting things done. Upwork has offered some tips for the best ways to go about getting things done. The first is to always have an open mind about your tasks. This means that you have to constantly evaluate your tasks and their importance.

Sometimes, there are tasks that you keep pushing off and never get around to doing. This can be due to procrastination. At the same time, it is entirely possible that the specific task in question is not really that important. Perhaps you are simply being stubborn about needing to do it but it really is not something that should be high on your priority list. In that case, the best thing to do is not to spend too much effort and energy into worrying about the task. Even thinking about whether or not it is worth it is going to take up a lot of energy. Instead, think about it for a minute or two and then, if it is not really that important, delete it from your to-do list.

Upwork recommends that you zoom in and that you zoom out. These two terms refer to two different things. Zooming in refers to breaking up large tasks into smaller tasks. The reason for doing this is that there are often tasks that seem large and hard to accomplish. At that point, a good idea is to simply break them up so that they do not seem too big for you. You can also zoom out, which will refer to when you look at all of the tasks in the bigger picture. After all, your tasks should be part of a larger overall project. Once you are clear about the overall picture and you know what your long term goal is, you will be a lot more motivated to get things done. Finally, use the batching technique to batch up tasks and get a few done at once. You can also use Upwork, a large freelancing site, to delegate tasks.


Jason Hope & His Success

Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur that has grown very much in this the business industry through out the years. He has always had a passion for the technology world and has also always had a passion to be able to give back to those around him. Jason Hope mainly focuses on giving back to his community and has planned projects that have had a positive impact on the city.

He lives in Arizona and is always seen actively helping the state become a better place to live. Jason Hope attended the Arizona State University and was able to major with a degree on finance.

He wanted to gain more knowledge in the business and later on decided to get his MBA at the School of Business. When he first started off in this industry he mainly focused on being able to serve other companies in a way that would lead them to technological success in the market.

It was no surprise to him that technology was growing and that in order to keep a successful business growing and running, technology had to play an important aspect. Jason Hope would help out companies be able to understand the world of technology in an easier sense and well as explain to them how bio technology can have an impact on their business.

Not only would he help by doing this, he soon started to help out by creating projects that would convince the company to be able to invest in technological gadgets that would be able to help serve the business in a a positive aspect. Jason Hope has a passion to be able to help out others with his success.

He is not afraid to lend a hand and to be able to help others reach their highest level of potential. His interest and his passion have led him to his success and he has plans to keep on growing in this business market.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

Investing with the Ever Expanding Fortress Investment Group as they were not Acquired by Softbank Group

The company known as Fortress Investment Group has now been taken under new ownership as they were acquired by Softbank Group Corporation. Now with new support they are venturing off to push into corporate lending and are setting off on a goal high to raise the amount of funds to create for themselves a much bigger platform for their business. Fortress Investment Group is looking to raise funds that will be over 2 billion dollars and have decided to dedicate all of these funds specifically first fund while under Softbank Group in what they would like to call direct lending. Previously they were denied to be able to do such a feat because they were not public, however, once acquired by Softbank Group Corp a company that already has an IPO initial public offering, the New York based firm is now also trying to also get 5 billion dollars for a another opportunities fund a well.

Recently the iteration of that fund was in the year 2015 at approximately 5 billion dollars. Having tried to communicate with Fortress Investment Group about this statement a representative that was being spoken with declined to leave any sort of coming. However, the next chapter for Fortress Investment Group since the private equity firm was bought by soft bank for 3.3 billion dollars last year the mark that they’re seeking to achieve in capital raising has increased . In Japan it seems there conglomerate is trying to get control and regulate the approval of the deals Softbank and Fortress are trying to undertake as some people who are the familiar with the matter have discussed. Fortress is also freshly elevated and promoted Josh Pack Andrew McKnight to help manage their credit group.

Also to partners togethe work with Pete Briger who is currently the firm’s credit head and also Fortress co-CEO. Then in the month of March Joel Holsinger who is a first senior executive, had actually left the firm after the sale to Softbank and considered it a move beneficial for the company. That both Pack and McKnight both know the company and with very experienced. They will he assets to the Management Committee, Credit Group Investment Committee, and contribute to the best of their ability the growth of the organization while Joel Holsinger goes on sabbatical. Fortress Investment Group with its direct lending fund is hoping to expand their market acquire new customers and with direct lending open up bank’s relationship with banks that have better regulation and investors desiring to give out cash alternatives.

Dr. Saad Saad Has Made Pediatric Surgery More Precise

For over 40 years, Dr. Saad Saad practiced pediatric surgery in the U.S and in the Middle East. As a part of his medical practice, Dr. Saad constantly sought to improve the procedures and methods used for treating his young patients. As a result of his intense focus on the improved health of his patients, Dr. Saad invented new surgical procedures. He even invented and patented two devices that have been instrumental in the successful treatment of pediatric patients.


One of the devices that he holds a patent on is the Catheter with Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device. This device is unlike the average catheter, which would accomplish one of several things: perform hemodialysis, drain fluids and gases, administer oxygen and medications, measure pressures and fertilize embryos or transfer sperm. Dr. Saad device was created to generate electromagnetic energy so that it can be exactly located in the body, foregoing the need to utilize an X-ray or an MRI machine.


This eliminates the need to continuously expose patients to the radiation that emanates from the X-ray machine. While the Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI) machine may seem like an alternative to the X-ray, it fails as an alternative because of its enormous size and non-portable status. The device has a magnetic tip and wires throughout its length. This enables the doctor to use a locating device that houses a sensitive light which ignites when it is directly perpendicular to the catheter’s tip. This eliminates the need of a body scan in the case of an emergency situation.


The second device, Dr. Saad holds a patent on is the Apparatus for Providing Suction and/or Irrigation in a Rigid Endoscope While Maintaining Visual Contact with a Target Area Through the Endoscope. He also maintains the patent on the methods used to accomplish this important exploratory task. The endoscope is used to look inside the body through the bladder, throat, windpipe, colon and stomach. It provides a visual image of the inside of the body. Because the body is composed of liquids in abundance, the endoscope has a lens which is frequently exposed to a limited view due to fog. Dr. Saad’s invention of the anti-fog port that converts into a suction-irrigation device clears the view so that medical procedures can proceed unobstructed.


Dr. Saad invented these devices out of necessity. It was his goal to prevent unnecessary complications and to speed up the performance of medical procedures. His life’s work has given Dr. Saad great satisfaction because he has made the lives of both the patients better and the work of their doctors easier. Learn more: http://www.jerseyshoreuniversitymedicalcenter.com/jsumc/newseventsandclasses/pressreleases/Press-Release.cfm?customel_dataPageID_2021=495087

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Welcomes Dr. Jennifer Walden as New Secretary

Nationally recognized Board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Waldenwas welcomed at the April 2018Asthetic Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) as its new Executive Committee Secretary. Dr. Walden will hold the distinction of being the first female member of the ASAPS board of directors. She has been a member of the Aesthetic Society since 2008.

Dr. Walden is known in the cosmetic surgery community as a highly-skilled professional who possesses the unique quality of ensuring that she takes into account each and every facet of her patients’ backgrounds including their race, ethnicity, cultural details and genetic points. She is one among a very small number of females who are formally trained and board-certified in the field of plastic surgery. Her formal training took place in part at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in New York City, where she completed a fellowship in plastic surgery. Currently, Dr. Walden also serves as the Commissioner of Communications for ASAPS. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing any activities for The Aesthetic Society that are communication-based.

Among her numerous honors and awards, Dr. Walden has been recognized in Texas, where she is based, as one of Castle Connely’s Top Doctors in both 2016 and 2017. She is also ranked among the Texas Super Doctors. She is a fellow of the Americal College of Surgeons as well as an esteemed member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Described as being the greatest form of recognition in the field, based on individual member contribution, the membership is a high honor and is bestowed by invitation only.

Along with the aforementioned honors and positions, Dr. Walden frequently grants requests for lectures at national cosmetic surgery conferences with regard to topics such as fat grafting surgery, breast augmentation, facelifts involving laser techniques, and vaginal rejuvenation procedures. She is also a frequent guest on television shows regarding lifestyle topics.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a native of Austin, Texas. She received an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Texas Medical Branch. From there, she began her pursuit of a career in the cosmetic surgery field at The Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City.